Why It Matters to Firefighters

Firefighting is more dangerous and violent than it has ever been. Our profession and future are in the hands of elected officials, who decide on everything from funding for fire resources to on-the-job safety to retirement security.

With so much at stake, we need advocates for our profession and can’t afford not to be involved in politics. If you’re not at the table, you’re going to be on the menu.

As your union, it’s not our job to tell you how to vote. It is our responsibility to educate members on where candidates stand on the issues that matter to firefighters on the job.

How We Decide: It’s All About Firefighter Issues

CPF’s mission is to work to improve the professional lives and livelihoods of California firefighters.  When CPF makes a recommendation, this mission is our North Star:

CPF endorses Democrats and Republicans who stand with us on these core issues affecting your life on the job.

Process for statewide recommendations

For statewide candidates, including governor, CPF invites candidates regardless of party affiliation for candidate interviews. The CPF Executive Board, comprised of professional firefighters, conducts the interviews and recommends candidates with record of standing up on core issues.

Process for local legislative recommendations

For local legislative candidates, such as Assembly and State Senate, CPF local union affiliates come together to invite candidates, regardless of party affiliation, to participate in group interviews. The local unions then recommend which candidates to endorse to the CPF Executive Board. 

Process for federal endorsements

For federal endorsements, such as Congress and U.S. Senate, the International Association of Federal Firefighters (IAFF) makes endorsement decisions based on similar parameters of the CPF.

Statewide ballot measures

CPF makes recommendations on ballot measures only where we identify a direct connection with firefighters, emergency response or public safety. When approached, CPF’s Executive Board considers the measures based on these standards and makes recommendations.

Standing with those who stand with us

All of CPF’s recommended candidates have a history of supporting firefighters and our issues, and have committed to continuing their steadfast support and advocacy.